Meet Our Leadership

Wiley Bowen Director of User Experience

Angie Chan Creative Director

Mike Conlow Technical Director

Marie Ewald Danzig Global Head of Creative & Delivery

Peter Fontana Executive Director, Insights, Strategy & Planning

John Goodman Vice President, Accounts

Shannon Green General Counsel

Alia Hassan Head of Creative and Delivery, New York

Dave Hauenstein Director of Engineering

Meg Hovious Director, Talent & Operations

Matt Ipcar Executive Creative Director

Hannah Johnson Group Account Director, London

Laura Kunkel Creative Director

Rob Laub Chief Financial Officer

Alex Lezberg

Alex Lezberg Director of Design

Katherine Mackenzie Vice President, Accounts

Mike Marotti IT Director

Jordan Mojica HR Supervisor

Stephen Muller Managing Director, New York

Katie Newport Head of Creative & Delivery, DC

Dana Nichomoff Vice President, Accounts

Martin Olson Director, Web & Product Development

Andrew Paryzer Managing Director, Business Development

Samir Patel Managing Director, London

Seth Reznik Senior Vice President, Client Services & Technology Sales

Andrew Rothman Chief Strategist, Content & Campaigns

Chris Royalty Executive Creative Director

Erica Sandler Director of Strategy & Planning

Ryan Seggel Global Managing Director

Alex Stanton Managing Director, BSD Tools

Jack Steadman Chief Technology Strategist

Donna Stewart Director of Office Management

Kate Swann Chief Operating Officer

Dan Thain Creative Director

Rachel Quintner Ward Vice President, Business Development

Katie Wiley Managing Director, West Coast

Sam Zimmerman Vice President, Global Project Management