How can we elevate the field of resilience to the global stage?

The Challenge

Socializing resilience

The Rockefeller Foundation’s long-term vision is, by 2025, for resilience to become a true “field” directly influencing policy around the world. In other words: Rockefeller wants “resilience” to become as ubiquitous a term as “sustainability.”

The Insight

Bringing together experts and enthusiasts

Through interviews and surveys conducted in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation, we discovered that only a small group of experts were publicly discussing resilience, as the issue cuts across disciplines and fields. We focused on the role digital could play, specifically to connect and scale Rockefeller’s existing resilience portfolio, including online and offline networks and resources, to reach the broader community. The end result: a concept for a new digital platform that unites people, often in unexpected ways, around a shared resilience point of view, by offering them wide-ranging, quality resilience content and connections.

The Approach

A personalized digital platform and a new brand

After a series of internal and external brainstorms, we decided on the name “Zilient,” both for its uniqueness and its connection to resilience. Built in Drupal 8, Zilient became an online publishing and knowledge-sharing platform, delivering a wide range of personalized content, connections, and networking opportunities to global resilience practitioners.

But a home for resilience wasn’t enough — we also had to rally people to the cause. To accomplish this, we ran an extensive social and paid media campaign to raise awareness around the importance of immediate resilience action.

The Outcome

A thriving, resilient community

Since launch, Zilient has attracted over 3,000 registered members, who have created, shared, and read hundreds of pieces of original or curated content. Awareness of Zillient has grown, too — we’ve seen a 300% increase in site traffic due to our paid media campaign. As extreme weather events and politics continue to underscore the importance of urban resilience, the Rockefeller Foundation is currently planning the next phase in the Zilient’s evolution.



You can find an archived version of the site here.

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