How do you turn subscribers into advocates?

For over a century, readers around the world have turned to Vogue for the best in fashion as an expression of culture. But as the publishing industry began moving away from traditional revenue sources, the magazine looked to overhaul its digital strategy and transform its business model to bring it closer to readers.

We created a digital strategy that knitted together editorial, advertising, and consumer marketing to create a more holistic brand experience. This new organizational structure stressed the alignment of communications—from an editorial email to a subscription ask—and made every piece feel more authentic to the magazine’s venerable voice and style. The integrated infrastructure also helped Vogue nurture more long-term relationships and guide visitors up the ladder of engagement, from reading and sharing to subscribing and advocating.

A robust email program integrated with and enhanced the reader experience, offering insider moments that brought the magazine to life in unique ways. An email from Jessica Biel previewed her photo shoot for an upcoming issue; Tina Fey dropped a note about her new cover. It was all original content, and a chance to reconnect with Vogue.

The program helped readers feel more invested in the magazine and inspired them to share their love of Vogue with people around them. After just a couple months, engagement rates were up, as were subscriptions—helping to prove the value of digital for one of the country’s most enduring fashion magazines and institutions.


Sharing stories to create new ones

Long-time Vogue creative director Grace Coddington invited readers to share the first time they’d been given an issue of the magazine. Over 1500 stories poured in (and the Vogue switchboards lit up), reminding readers of their first experience with the magazine and asking them to consider sharing that memory with someone else through a gift subscription.


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