How do you harness the energy of a passionate workforce?

The Challenge

Scaling volunteer projects internationally

Reckitt Benckiser (RB) is a consumer goods organisation driven by purpose — and driven, full stop. RB asked Blue State to turn this purpose into action by developing a strategy and toolkit to engage employees in a newly-centralised volunteering programme.

The Insights

Empowering a global workforce to do more

The goal was to create a single umbrella identity for volunteering at RB. Our research and interviews demonstrated that RB staff are committed to their values of “healthier lives, happier homes” and are an ambitious, competitive workforce by nature. Instead of providing a list of volunteer opportunities, we wanted RBers to know they’re empowered to suggest and pursue things that they’re passionate about — ways to make a difference that feel local to them.

The Campaign

Making it simple to make a difference

This led us to a simple, but powerful concept: “Do one thing: Give Time”. Both a name and call to arms, the campaign quantifies the difference RBers are making: the one act which a volunteer can do, swelling the numbers and playing their part; the banner in an email from the CEO, celebrating 20,000 hours logged globally; or a 3-step guide to getting involved in local community volunteering, created by a colleague. The concept translates not only internationally but across different kinds of work sites, from offices to factory floors.

The Outcome

A turbo-charged volunteer program

The campaign rolled out in summer 2017 and has seen significant success, with a two-thirds increase in volunteering hours recorded versus 2016. In 2018, RB is continuing to develop the Give Time programme as part of its wider social impact investment through time, donations, and product development.

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