How can we help a great nonprofit scale its impact?

The Challenge

Expanding the reach of recess

Playworks is a national nonprofit that works with elementary schools to use recess to teach kids to resolve conflict on their own, engage in healthy physical activity, and come back to class ready to learn. They partnered with us to scale their impact across the country — reaching new audiences of principals and teachers in order to communicate on the transformative value of a great recess.

The Insight

Present play as the means, not the end

Our research and planning showed that principals were the key decision makers but also the busiest staff at schools and that while they know what a great recess looks like, it’s hard to describe how to create an environment where it consistently happens. So the question became: how could we help busy educators connect our philosophy of play to their schools biggest challenges?

The Approach

Tag, you’re it! Getting educators off the sidelines and in the game

We developed a campaign that showed what goes into a great recess – showcasing healthy playground scenes, and connecting them to recommended resources, tools, and games that educators could try. Our targeted paid media program reaches instructors through social and poses compelling questions about the value of play, to draw curious audiences into an engagement funnel.

We’re currently driving principals from across the country to a, a microsite we built which offers free resources designed for the audience’s needs. There, teachers and principals can sign up for a lifecycle-based email program that provides support as they try out new approaches at their schools, and they can take a quiz to figure out what is and isn’t working.

The Outcome

Passing the ball: Empowering educators with Recess Lab

After a full school year, Playworks has a lot to be excited about. The program has exceeded its acquisition and conversion targets, helping them to prove the value of play in more school districts across the country. And this expanded community is both a powerful resource for raising awareness of their brand and their vision, as well as a new audience for their programs and services.


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