How do you integrate data for action?

In more than 90 countries, Oxfam helps feed hungry families, supports refugees fleeing violence, and offers hope to rebuilding communities. They need to fundraise millions of dollars every year, but their donor data was trapped in multiple legacy databases that didn’t communicate with each other.  Frustrated with their previous platform solutions, they began looking for a more reliable mailer, a digital CRM that could be integrated with their database of record, and a suite of features that would make mobilization quicker and easier.

Linking online and offline donations

When Oxfam America made the switch to Blue State Digital in 2013, our first challenge was architecting the integration of the BSD Tools with their existing donor database, ROI Revolution Online. We built a solution that enables the seamless transfer of data between systems and the quick flow of constituents’ records, donation history, and mailing data across internal teams. When records are updated in BSD Tools, ROI picks them up through the BSD API, which allows Oxfam America to link its online and offline fundraising efforts and create more personalized messaging across channels.


Mobilizing when it matters

On April 25, 2015, a massive  7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal and parts of India. Oxfam aid workers sprung into action to ensure displaced people had access to shelter, food, clean water, and basic necessities. Their work was made even more difficult when a major aftershock hit the region only weeks after the original disaster.

While Oxfam’s aid workers raced to help the devastated region, Oxfam America raced to raise the funds needed for their relief and recovery work. And in the weeks and months that followed, they had to keep people aware of ongoing efforts on the ground.

The BSD Tools, built for this type of rapid response, delivered 4,725,193 emails in response to the Nepal earthquake without a hitch—no queueing, no sending delays, just easy-to-create form messages, and content experiences delivered efficiently to supporters who fueled the organization’s response to the natural disaster and complex humanitarian crisis.

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