How do you mobilize millions in minutes?

Every moment counts when civil rights are threatened. Since 2010, Blue State Digital has worked with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to drive and implement its digital strategy, ultimately helping the group respond against injustice more quickly and powerfully.

We helped develop a nimble strategy and assembled a fast-moving communications team to mobilize NAACP supporters around key moments in the fight for civil rights. Designers and developers are ready to create digital campaigns quickly. Communications strategists run email programs and consult on social media tactics to inform and activate supporters as situations progress. And the BSD Tools provide a robust platform to manage surges in traffic and fundraising while helping the NAACP continuously test and optimize its message.

Our work with the NAACP has helped transform one of the oldest and boldest civil rights organizations offline into one of the largest and most influential online. By capitalizing on key moments of public interest or outrage, the NAACP has tripled the size of its email list to well over a million subscribers, providing a strong foundation of support and influence. With an energized base of supporters, improved fundraising, and the ability to respond swiftly and powerfully, the organization is poised to take action whenever civil rights are threatened.


Rallying to stay an execution

In the weeks leading up to the execution of Troy Davis, a man wrongfully convicted of murder in Georgia, the NAACP launched an email and social media campaign petitioning the Georgia Board of Pardons and the Chatham County district attorney to halt the execution. Hundreds of thousands signed. On the day before Troy Davis’ execution, supporters took Twitter by storm, spreading the message of #TooMuchDoubt to millions online.


Demanding justice for Trayvon

As the trial of George Zimmerman—who shot and killed the unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin—came to a close, the NAACP needed to prepare for any possible verdict and respond quickly. Within 30 minutes of Zimmerman’s acquittal, the NAACP was able to send a petition demanding that the Department of Justice reopen its civil rights investigation. 1.5 million people signed, and two days later, Attorney General Eric Holder announced his intent to revisit the case.


Stopping stop and frisk

In 2012, New York City’s infamous Stop and Frisk became front page news. Using the BSD Tools, the NAACP helped mobilize its community in opposition of the policy, inviting thousands to participate in a silent march as well as a letter-writing campaign to the New York City Council.


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