How do you transform the way a party organises offline, online?

With an out-of-touch Tory government in power, the UK Labour Party enlisted Blue State Digital to transform their approach to digital engagement with a grassroots, supporter-centered strategy at the core of the plan to revive the institution, grow membership, and win elections.

Our partnership began with an in-depth review of the party’s digital infrastructure and the development of a comprehensive roadmap forward. From there, we worked with Labour to develop a goals-focused approach to email and social media, integrating a new tone of voice and visual language to more effectively tell the stories of Labour—and better position the party for volunteer and voter recruitment. We supported the team to respond quickly to the daily challenges a modern campaign faces, from messaging and content to design and development. And a new, action-oriented responsive website experience serves as an engine to build and mobilise a rapidly-growing community of advocates.


Inspiring Action

Interaction modules offer a variety of self-directed ways to get involved with the campaign and take action.

Driving the conversation

The site’s focus is on key issues, such as saving public services like the NHS, undoing the damage of the Tories, and tackling Britain’s cost of living crisis. A visually-enticing, lifestyle-themed issues section lays out Labour’s position with sharable social media graphics.


Putting a face on Labour

The site was designed to support the Labour Party Leader, Ed Miliband, as well as hundreds of Labour candidates across the country. On the People page, first-person narratives and an interactive address book connect users with representatives.


Recruiting an army of advocates

Backed by the BSD Tools, digital has become a key channel to effectively recruit volunteers to the party’s campaign, driving tens of thousands of leads. We’ve also helped grow the Party’s email list to six times its original size and assisted in making email a more effective channel for political activism. In 2014 alone, 5.6 million more actions were taken by email subscribers, including everything from sharing messages on social media to signing petitions to donating to the campaign’s fund.

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