How do you make the most of a moment?

Founded by Eliza Hamilton in 1806, the Orphan Asylum Society had a clear mission: to direct funding in support of New York City’s most vulnerable children. 210 years later, the orphanage—now a family services agency called Graham Windham—is still helping kids get their shot. Today, Graham Windham serves more than 4,500 kids and families each year, providing services like family counseling and treatment and after school academic support.

A match made on Twitter

Our work with Graham Windham started as many good things do—through a match made on Twitter while talking about the musical juggernaut Hamilton. What’s the connection between the musical and charity? After her husband Alexander Hamilton died (in a duel), Eliza Hamilton started the first private orphanage in New York City to support orphans like her husband. And if you know the music from the show, Graham Windham is the orphanage Eliza sings about in the final song.

So when Graham Windham found itself in the middle of all kinds of attention it never imagined thanks to the success of the musical, BSD offered to help them (pro bono) turn their big moment into a windfall for the organization—not just by growing awareness, but growing their list, deepening the connection between the show and the organization, and changing the way they think of the community of supporters.

Graham Windham

You earned that donation. You should keep all of it.

In a cluttered landscape with hundreds of thousands of organizations and millions of fundraising appeals, it was critical that Graham Windham make every dollar count. But online transaction fees were chipping away at every donation. Money donated to support children and families never made it to them, instead being deducted by legacy payment processors and credit card companies. $100 donations became $95. $5,000 donations became $4,750.

FullGift, a feature of the BSD Tools, put Graham Windham back in control. With it, the organization’s donors were given the option to cover the transaction fees associated with their gifts.

An instant impact

The results were immediately meaningful. In just the first three months:

  • 89% of donors agreed to cover the fees
  • Topline fundraising increased 3%, without adding any overhead or effort to its fundraising programs
  • Payment processing fees were reduced to nearly nothing

By uniting the power of passionate grassroots donors with our innovative technology, Graham Windham was able to seize this Hamilton-driven moment and do even more good for New York’s children and families.

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