How do you bring impact to life?

We’ve been working with Google to translate regional philanthropic investments and business impact into engaging stories, clear visuals, and fun content so that users everywhere have a better picture of how Google is making a positive impact where they live and work.

Supporting women entrepreneurs

Google for Entrepreneurs provides support, resources, and physical hubs to the global entrepreneurial community. For example, during Women’s History Month they awarded a million dollars to 40 startup communities to increase the number of women in the program.The #40Forward campaign activated Google for Entrepreneurs’ extensive network across Google+ and Twitter.


Empowering international nonprofits

The Google Impact Challenge is a philanthropic effort that funds nonprofits in Brazil, India, Australia, UK and of course, the San Francisco Bay Area. While each participating organization receives funds, the amount is determined by a public vote, so social media engagement was key to drive voting, maximize site visits, and showcase the nonprofits front and center.

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Highlighting economic impact

Traditionally, Economic Impact reports tend to be straightforward (and let’s be honest, a bit boring), showing lawmakers where and how a company makes an impact on local economies. Google’s latest report breathes new life into the format through intimate stories of local entrepreneurs, interactive infographics demonstrating state-by-state impact, and intuitive navigation.

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