How do you turn fans into influencers and brand advocates?

At a time when American automakers were struggling on all fronts, Ford was looking for new ways to strengthen brand loyalty, talk about its latest innovations, and connect with the next generation of drivers. Blue State Digital partnered with the auto giant to develop a series of programs designed to engage a community of Ford fans, influencers, and followers.

Working with Ford’s agency, Team Detroit, we helped launch Ford Social, a growing digital platform for self-identified fans to share their stories, product ideas, and photographs, and in return receive the latest news from a brand they love. Recognizing the important role that bloggers play in supporting the brand and its initiatives, we also created ConnectFord, a direct channel through which Ford could communicate and share exclusive information with this influential audience.

Today, the Ford community includes millions of owners, fans, employees, and influencers; the hundreds of influencers who’ve signed up for ConnectFord link the brand to an audience of 6.3 million. Now when debuting a new vehicle, announcing a technology innovation, or celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Mustang, Ford has direct access to advocates who can get the word out online and in their communities.

Ford Social quiz on desktop

Calling on fans of every kind

The Tools have helped power Ford Social communications, enabling targeted email communications with members based on their interests—from Mustangs to green technology.

Rewarding participation

A series of promotions—including American Idol sponsorship extensions and VIP rewards to attendees at auto shows—have helped bridge the gap between online and real-life participation.

Sharing a passion for Ford

Ford Social tells the stories of Ford advocates, including Jonathan Brand, who built a Mustang out of paper after selling its real-life, hand-restored counterpart.

Celebrating (and making) a milestone

In honor of the Mustang’s 50th birthday, we helped create an online quiz for true fans, and promoted a world-record breaking feat: the most signatures on an e-card. More than 55,720 admirers penned messages of love and respect for a car that’s been inspiring awe for half a century.


Connecting with influencers

Special web and social media access have helped ConnectFord helped get customized, consumer-friendly content out to bloggers quickly, giving them fresh and unique stories to publish.


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