How do you craft a truly global identity?

Equality Now is a nonprofit that works to eradicate violence and discrimination against women and girls through legal advocacy in countries around the world. While Equality Now was laser-focused on fighting injustice for over 20 years, the nonprofit landscape around it changed significantly. Equality Now’s brand identity had been in place since its inception in 1992, and the outdated design, along with its website and grassroots fundraising tactics were threatening to undermine the organization’s efficacy as a global force.

Equality Now came to us at a pivotal moment of growth in their organization, needing to build a community of supporters and step up their fundraising game to wage new legal battles. Together we completely refreshed the organization’s visual identity, website, and communications strategy to attract the next generation of donors and doers.

Equality Now website on tablet

Crafting an identity that transcends borders

With partners in almost every part of the globe, it was important for Equality Now’s new branding to not be overly Western-centric, and that the logotype accommodate Latin and Arabic alphabets. Cultural sensitivity to color was also a key design consideration. Since Equality Now deals with issue areas that are intense, such as sex trafficking, female genital mutilation, and sexual violence, the color choices needed to communicate that Equality Now is an effective and hopeful organization. The refreshed palette features a confident navy as a neutral in lieu of black and a vibrant orange as the primary hue, which connotes ambition, energy, and enthusiasm, and is associated with women’s empowerment in many countries.

Equality Now rebranding

Embracing Equality Now’s design legacy

The core of the redesigned logo is an abstracted equals sign, which provides a visual link between the old and new branding while modernizing it for contemporary audiences. Interviews revealed Equality Now’s supporters had a strong sense of its character but struggled to articulate what the organization does and how. By adding a tagline, “A just world for women and girls,” the mark leaves no question about Equality Now’s mission.

Equality Now logo in multiple languages

A hopeful home for advocacy and action

A simplified site architecture put Equality Now’s stories of success and progress front and center and images from their rich photo archive brought the work to life. A flat, wide navigation funnels users to important issues quickly, where detailed issue pages inspire people to take action. Because many of their legal battles can span years or even decades, we created design elements like status bars and rich timelines to demonstrate Equality Now’s impact at both the micro and macro levels.

Equality Now Take Action page

New call-to-action

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