How do you make the move from traditional advocacy to digital?

Hospitals provide life-saving care and jobs to millions of Americans. But who looks out for the hospitals? After a decade relying on TV and print media geared at policymakers, the Coalition to Protect America’s Health Care faced a series of devastating federal funding cuts to hospital patient care.

Blue State Digital worked with the Coalition to increase awareness and forge a digital strategy aimed at activating a community around imminent threats to hospitals nationally. That started with a redesigned Coalition website, which makes a stronger, clearer case for saving hospitals. To build community, we ran a multi-channel campaign targeting health care workers, patients, and politically engaged advocates. Email and social media helped educate these new supporters, and asked them to take incrementally higher barrier actions, culminating in outreach to their members of Congress.

Within a year of transitioning to digital advocacy, the Coalition amassed hundreds of thousands of supporters, and generated more than 358,000 messages and 3,000 phone calls to Congress. These efforts led to a major win in March 2014, when billions in cuts to federal hospital funding were averted. Now when hospitals and their patients are threatened, the Coalition and its supporters are able to take action immediately and effect change.


Designed to inspire action

Compelling stats and moving imagery build awareness of the crisis, while moving users through a series of calls to action, including joining the community, signing petitions, and spreading the word through social media.

Targeted to build community

We grew the community quickly through sophisticated data modeling, targeting, and messaging. Integrated email, social media, and paid media campaigns engaged and informed supporters on the major issues facing hospitals.


Celebrating everyday heroes

We partnered with the Coalition to tell the stories of Hospital Heroes and drive home the importance of federal funding and protecting care. Across email, social, and video, we’ve given supporters an intimate glimpse into lives of hospital care-givers. This series of videos immerses viewers in a hospital NICU, where tiny, mighty patients receive life-saving care from a dedicated team.

Mobilized to act

With an active community in place, the Coalition can mobilize online around key legislative moments. Between November 2013 and January 2014, hospitals faced numerous threats to federal funding in Congress. At every turn, tens of thousands of educated, passionate supporters stood up and contacted their elected officials to voice their opposition.


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