How do you make the move from traditional advocacy to digital?

The Challenge

Building a grassroots army

The Coalition to Protect America’s Health Care advocates on behalf of hospitals to protect federal funding for patient care. The Coalition partnered with Blue State Digital to build a national grassroots army of supporters to take action and protect patient care whenever it was threatened. Over the past five years, we’ve helped the Coalition expand their traditional advocacy efforts to digital — and that preparation allowed us to launch a hyper-targeted advocacy campaign against the ongoing threats to health care that cropped up throughout 2017.

The Fight for the Affordable Care Act 

Protecting against the Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal efforts throughout 2017

As the ACA debate heated up, we responded quickly with cross-channel campaigns spanning email, social, and paid media. We moved our supporters through a series of calls to action, including signing petitions, spreading the word through social media, and making phone calls to their representatives. Utilizing some of our best practices from our expertise, we personalized user experiences based on their history with the Coalition, asking the most engaged supporters to take the highest barrier actions, like calling their elected officials.

The Always-on Campaigns

Cultivating the community outside of major moments

Between moments when health care was directly threatened, we kept the community informed and primed for the next time we would need them to take action. This sustained effort included partnering with the Coalition to tell the stories of “Hospital Heroes” and drive home the importance of federal funding for hospitals across email, social, and video. For example, we produced a series of videos that immerses viewers in a hospital NICU, where tiny, mighty patients receive life-saving care from a small — but dedicated — team of doctors and nurses.

The Outcome

Hundreds of thousands of advocacy actions

The Coalition’s wins in protecting the ACA didn’t happen in a vacuum. Our 1.7 million grassroots supporters have taken over 1 million total actions in support of the Coalition’s key objectives since 2013 — and years of stressing the importance of everyday patient care prepared our supporters to spring into action in 2017. They directly engaged with their lawmakers, sending more than 550,000 letters and 20,000 tweets, and making more than 6,000 phone calls to members of Congress throughout the repeal and replace debate. We also employed hyper-targeted paid media campaigns to reach, educate, and sway key legislators on the negative impacts ACA repeal could have on their constituents. Overall, more than 75% of all advocacy actions in 2017 came from cross-channel paid media campaigns that drove this mobilization of increasingly vocal supporters.

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