How do you build the digital infrastructure for a people-powered movement?

Defending fairness, protecting rights, promoting peace and equality, preserving the planet, sustaining community, and deepening democracy—these are just a few of 38 Degrees’ goals. And the organisation’s model for doing so is simple: support individuals to organize and launch successful campaigns around campaigns they care about. Blue State Digital has worked with 38 Degrees since its founding, providing technology and strategic consulting to launch the campaign platform—and ongoing technological collaboration to build on its momentum.

To date, over 2.5 million people have participated in 10,000 self-directed campaigns, with support from over 100,000 donors. With an agile approach to strategy and a robust technical infrastructure, 38 Degrees has been able respond rapidly to events in politics, policy, and the news, fundraise for important initiatives, and create the UK’s preeminent platform for community mobilisation. With a platform for success built, 38 Degrees has been able to claim an important role in influencing the UK political agenda—expanding its reach and influence among millions of individuals.


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