The Newest BSD Tool: Send Online Cards

Oct 24, 2012

We're excited to introduce Cards, our latest BSD Tools feature. This tool enables your supporters to create online cards to share with friends and family.

The latest feature in the BSD Tools just rolled out: Cards.

This flexible tool lets people easily send online cards or any exciting visual content -- infographics, image macros, topical photos, holiday greetings -- with family and friends.

It sounds old school, but the power is in its simplicity, flexibility, and ability to easily integrate with the rest of the BSD Tools. Daisy-chain cards with a donation form to allow tribute gifts. Let event attendees personalize invitations to their friends. Give petition signers a visual way to invite others to join them. BSD Tools users are already making plans to take advantage of this new feature:

Cards is just one of the many features packed into the BSD Tools, our software suite that has powered online engagement campaigns for Barack Obama, the Ford Motor Company, Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation, and scores of other companies and organizations.

Check out this demo of Cards, and learn more about the BSD Tools.