End Of Year Nerds

Aug 22, 2012

One of my favorite things about working at BSD is that I'm surrounded by End of Year Nerds.

One of my favorite things about working at BSD is that I'm surrounded by End of Year Nerds.

We've got End of Year Analytics nerds. We've got End of Year Email Nerds. End of Year Social Nerds (#EOYSN.) End of Year Media Nerds. End of Year Production Nerds. Room after room full of End of Year Nerds. And I'm one of them.

We nerd out for lots of reasons. We know that our non-profit clients will raise a large percentage of their annual revenue in the final few weeks of the year. We know that we’re going to push the boundaries of integrated digital fundraising. And we know the impact that our wide roster of non-profits makes on the world. 

With the stakes so high, we use our full complement of tech and strategy experts to create systems and processes that leave as little to chance as possible.

Yes, we plan -- but we do so in a non-traditional way. We create story arcs and cadence. We use incentives and deadlines to prompt giving. And most importantly, we approach EOY with a series of hypotheses.

In the coming weeks and months we'll be testing these hypotheses with live audiences and across channels to find the messages and tactics that resonate best with our clients' donors. From there we take these lessons and set new hypotheses -- rinse and repeat -- until we’re ready to deploy the most streamlined and optimized donation program possible.

In essence, we're using data to make the $ you earn today make the $ you'll earn tomorrow easier and more efficient.

This doesn't happen by chance. It comes from the unique blend of science and creativity that BSD brings to the table. It comes from a culture of seeing clients' goals as our goals. And it comes from the BSD Tools' powerful tech platform that offers rock-solid reliability, scalability and flexibility.

In this business and during EOY in particular, speed does matter. In my pre-BSD life I had the petrifying experience of seeing a fundraising email take hours to deliver. At any time of year, that hurts your results. On December 31st, it could be devastating. Reliable infrastructure is an investment you can't afford to skip.

With the BSD Tools, I can send to millions of email addresses and be confident that they'll be delivered in a matter of minutes. That's good for both my fundraising numbers and my blood pressure.

You know that you work in an organization with a certain fundraising pedigree when you look at your calendar in August and you're already booked for a slew of internal and external meetings about fundraising programs that won't begin for 3-4 months. It's a genuinely interesting and exciting time for all of us End of Year Nerds.

If you're yet to start thinking about your own EOY plans, we'd love to block out a few more meetings and nerd out over your cause, too.

And if you want to get your creative thinking going before Labor Day, join our End of Year Webinar- Tuesday, August 28th at 2 pm. Details are HERE