What Nonprofits Should Be Measuring: A KPIs Cheatsheet

It’s easy to get hung up on flashy, easy-to-grab metrics or steal metrics from other marketing or fundraising frameworks. But here’s the thing: most metrics don’t offer nonprofits real strategic value.

Download our handy KPIs Cheatsheet to understand the metrics that can actually tell you how well your fundraising program is tracking your strategy.

We’ll tell you whether these metrics need to be tracked or whether you need to let them go:

  • Click-to-Open Rate (CtOR), Donate-to-Open Rate (DtOR)
  • Deliverability Rate, Unsubscribe Rate
  • Social Share Rate
  • Paid Impressions
  • Non-Email Site Conversion Rate
  • Percent new visitors
  • Donation Form Completion Rate
  • Time on site

Get the KPIs Cheatsheet here.