Introducing Sierra Club’s

Today, with the launch of, the environmental movement has a powerful new platform to drive activism and demonstrate real-world results.

We’re proud to have partnered with the Sierra Club, the preeminent grassroots environmental and conservation group, to further empower its staff, chapters, volunteers, and a growing community of supporters to help solve some of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time.

This new platform embodies the future of digital advocacy, blending the dynamics of grassroots organizing with the power of big data, predictive recommendations, and integrated social sharing to increase action and show the collective impact.

“Millions of people want to see our environment protected, but might not know where to start. We’ve invested in building this new tool because we want to show how easy it is to take action, and how individual actions can add up to real, meaningful change,” said Chris Thomas, the Sierra Club’s Chief Innovation Officer. “The Sierra Club created chapters over a hundred years ago to build local change from the ground up, and now we’re creating a similar kind of infrastructure for supporting grassroots environmentalism in the digital age.”

Over the past two years we’ve collaborated with the Sierra Club to lead the digital strategy, experience design, and platform build for AddUp. Features include:

  • Netflix-style predictive recommendations engine that serves users with campaigns based on what’s trending, as well as their location, personal interests, and most importantly, previous actions.
  • BSD’s TargetShare product, which enables users to recruit and share content with the right friends in their Facebook network based on their interests.
  • Impact tracking tools that give supporters the chance to quantify their impact by tracking previous actions, the results they’ve had on campaigns to date, and where their focus is needed next.

The platform also solves a lot of issues that many large-scale organizations face around disparate data and technology infrastructure. AddUp connects all of Sierra Club’s existing communication and data systems to more effectively target communications, track actions, and deliver a more relevant and personalized experience to online supporters.

By putting powerful and easy-to-use problem-solving tools in the hands of passionate people, the Sierra Club can do more good than ever before.

So check out, get involved in crucial environmental campaigns that will make a difference, and then share the platform with your networks. Let’s go!

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