Introducing CallOut

In this new political landscape, Advocacy — loudly broadcasting the voices of the majority of Americans who do not support these rollbacks — will be more important than ever.

But the traditional tactics in use by even the largest advocacy organizations today are largely ineffective. Email messages and webform submissions sit ignored in Congressional inboxes — interns and junior staff are adept at filtering out the noise. Most campaigns focus on federal or state policymakers, ignoring the often-more-impactful laws made by Mayors and City Councils or decisions made by Cabinet appointees and other administration officials.

To arm progressives with a more modern, effective toolkit, Blue State Digital has released CallOut. The product integrates with our BSD Tools software, but it’s available a la carte to campaigners looking to immediately up their advocacy games. Additionally, it offers:

  • New channels, including click-to-call, Twitter, email, and additional channels coming soon, so your supporters’ voices cut through the clutter.
  • More targets. We offer the standard federal and state officials, but also include international targets, mayors and city councilors, as well as Cabinet secretaries, agency officials, and others.
  • Complex segmentation, with the ability to create custom segments based on targets’ committee memberships, positions, and other criteria, you’ll be able to craft resonant split-messaging campaigns.


Best of all, our pricing is simple and transparent. No more paying to maintain inactive or unused supporter lists. With CallOut, you only pay more when for your supporters take action.

Contact us now to find out more about CallOut.