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This year, we’re teaming up with some great organizations, including Organizing for Action, Optimizely, Google,, and the Sierra Club, to discuss everything from A/B testing to the sharing economy. Help send us to Austin by casting a ballot for the following panels.

Community Mobilization and the Sharing Economy
From car sharing to information sharing, there’s a breed of innovative businesses and organizations leveraging the Internet to give more power to individuals. These models have often confounded, and sometimes conflicted with, regulators and legislators at all levels of government, and legacy players threatened by these new models are turning to the law to defend their turf. In response, companies are learning to leverage their digital communities to advocate for smarter regulations that adapt to the fast-growing “sharing economy.” We’re bringing leaders from Google and together to talk about the best ways to mobilize a community of digital advocates to disrupt the process of policy, just as they have their own industries.

Kit Hayes, Campaign Director,
Jesse Friedman, Product Marketing Manager, Google
Ben Murray, Vice President, Blue State Digital

Beyond Clicktivism: New Tools for Digital Action
In the age of clicktivism, it has never been easier to engage supporters. But how do we give more power to people to amplify their role and accelerate impact? How do we scale it to drive real world change? We’re teaming up with the Sierra Club to talk about the development of AddUp, a new platform that reinvents the environmental movement for the digital age.

Chris Thomas, Chief Innovation Officer, Sierra Club
Gillea Allison, Account Director, Blue State Digital

Big Picture Testing: Beyond The One-Off Result
Every digital experience should drive an action, from sales to sign-ups to social shares. But getting the ask right means running tests—and running them right. In this panel, we’ll team up with Organizing for Action and Optimizely to share insights into the best (and worst) strategies for creating a great testing plan that delivers on your digital investments.

Toby Fallsgraff, Digital Director, Organizing for Action
Kyle Rush, Head of Optimization, Optimizely
Sarah Newhall, EVP & Managing Director, Blue State Digital

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