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March 27, 2014

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Cheers To The Women Of BSD! Internship Season Is Open

Confessions Of A (Former) BSD Intern

My first day as a Blue State Digital intern was a blur. An exciting, happy, overwhelming blur. Someone gave me a brand new laptop. I was introduced to roughly 60 co-workers. My team took me to lunch. I think I participated in a brainstorm or two. At the end of the day, I went home exhilarated and exhausted and I couldn’t wait for day 2.

That was 10 months ago. And if there is any indication of the quality of my internship experience, I’m still here (as an employee now), and I still leave every day excited for the next. So, if you’re thinking about interning at BSD, here’s my advice: Do it. A few reasons why:

You’ll do meaningful work.

I say meaningful in the sense that it’s great work experience, and because Blue State Digital is committed to working with organizations that make change in the world, it will be for a great cause, too.

You’ll have the greatest coworkers.

Among them: a man who was once Europe’s highest paid professional video gamer, a belly dancer, a spin class coach, a producer of Macklemore’s first album, the writer of @huffpospoilers, a man who owns over 200 pairs of Nike sneakers, a palm reader, a six-time pug foster mom, the lead singer in this video. Oh, and they’re all incredibly smart, friendly, and good at their jobs, too.

Your manager will push you (in a good way).

You are probably going to be asked to do things you don’t know how to do. That’s okay. You’ll give it your best shot, your teammates will help you, and you’ll learn. A lot.

You are treated like a real member of the team.

You’ll present your own work to clients. You’ll be invited to happy hours (definitely plural). You won’t be asked to file papers…in fact, we barely use paper. Digital agency, remember?

At Blue State Digital, we’re always optimizing to make things better, and our intern program is no exception. 2013 was great, but our 2014 program promises to be the best yet. So, take it from a former intern: It’s worth it. And if one voice doesn’t have you sold, hear more feedback from other BSD interns and apply today.

The only thing you have to worry about is never wanting to leave!


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