A Visit From BSD Godfather, Howard Dean

Eleven years ago, Blue State Digital was born on the campaign trail when Governor Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential bid charted a new course for grassroots community mobilization and the role technology can play to bring people seeking change together.

(For more about the lessons the Dean campaign teaches about the future of our democracy, head to Time to read this byline by our founder and CEO Joe Rospars.)

Last week, our New York office received a visit from the man who started it all.

Governor Dean remains an inspiration for the same reasons many went to work for him over a decade ago: unwavering authenticity, persistent indignation, and a willingness to say things that other politicos wouldn’t dare.

Watch his talk with staff featuring clips about the undeniable power of digital organizing, his early endorsement of Hillary Clinton, and the challenge millennials face with balancing institutional and grassroots power:


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