3 Keys to Effective Community Organising

We’re witnessing the rebirth of community organising. What can we learn from effective organisers like The Democratic Party and Stand Up America? Our Director of Advocacy and Engagement in London, Haneef Khan, explains.

3 Questions to Answer Before Your Next Facebook Campaign

Recently, Facebook suffered the biggest single-day loss in stock market history. Now, the pioneering platform-turned-media-company looks to right its ship. But after a turbulent year, is it time for marketers to look elsewhere? Haneef Khan, Director of Advocacy and Engagement, and Patrick Savoia, Media Strategy Director, break down what Facebook’s changes mean for your next media campaign.

Are You Reading Test Results Wrong?

When an A/B test doesn’t produce statistically significant results, it can be tempting to write it off as a failure. But if you do, explains Senior Digital Analyst Will Moyle, you might be missing an important opportunity to broaden your creative toolbox.

The ABCs of Cohort Analysis

Want to make your analytics smarter? Introduce cohort-level analysis into the mix. Senior Digital Analyst Wael Kanj offers three simple ways to get started.

Download: 2018 Fundraising Insights Report

With data from 260+ nonprofits, our latest Fundraising Insights Report will help you pinpoint where your organization is winning and which opportunities you’re missing out on. Get the report to help your organization be hyper-responsive to your most important people year-round.

Fundraising Insights Report

7 Ways to go Beyond A/B Testing

We all know testing is important to succeed at digital marketing, but how do you weave it into everything your organization does? Senior Digital Analyst Will Moyle has seven key lessons on how you can establish a culture of testing at your brand or nonprofit.

3 Ways to Get Real Value from Personalization

Most organizations want their websites to provide users with a personalized experience — but where do you start? Jack Steadman, our Chief Technology Strategist, has some thoughts on how organizations of any stripe can begin tailoring their sites to their users’ needs and behavior.

BSD@Events: What the Engage For Good Conference Taught Me About CSR

Vice President of Accounts Katherine Mackenzie recently went to the Engage for Good conference in Chicago. Find out what she learned about how brands and nonprofits are making a positive impact on the world — and how we could all be doing better.

Listening to our Moms

We recently hosted a Mother’s Day brunch in NYC for moms of BSDers — and for the mothers at Blue State. Find out what the moms thought about Blue State, the demands on modern working women, and how the workplace in general has changed over the years.

What Can AI Teach Brands About Customer-Centric Marketing?

What can AI teach brands about customer-centric marketing? Quite a bit, actually. Samir Patel, Managing Director of our London office, writes about how we partner with to dive into the future of audience research.

Email Personalization Made Easy

Need to inject a personal touch into your email sends? Senior Strategist Chris Coletta is here to help. Check out his six tips for email personalization using a simple programming language built into the BSD Tools — no complex third-party integrations required.

6 Tips for Awesome Cross-Discipline Work

At Blue State Digital, we’re not big on silos — cross-team collaboration is happening every minute of every day. Casey Merber (Designer) and Camille Petersen (Content Strategist) have some tips on what they’ve learned from working together on a daily basis.

BSD@Events: Inspiration and Anxiety at DrupalCon 2018

Last week, Sam Zimmerman, our VP of Global Project Management, attended DrupalCon 2018 summit in Nashville. Beset by competitors in every tier of the market, is the Drupal platform at a crossroads? Read on to find out what Sam thinks — and heard — about the state of one of our favorite open source platforms.

Watch: The Stories We Tell

In a world where consumer activism is on the rise, it’s more important than ever for organizations to provide authentic, meaningful experiences to their customers, advocates, and donors. Take a look at what some of our amazing clients are doing to build trust and meaningful relationships.

Stop Losing Your Recurring Donors

Recurring donors are incredibly important to any fundraising organization — so how can we keep more of them around even longer? Will Moyle, Digital Analyst in our New York office, breaks down the different categories of cancellations and what we can do to keep those donors in the fold.

What #MarchForOurLives Says About the State of Activism

A handful of teens affected by gun violence just rallied hundreds of thousands of activists from around the country to march on Washington and other cities. Advocacy & Engagement Director Matt Compton discusses what this inspiring show of organizing says about the state of today’s progressive movement in the U.S.

Clients Creating Change: Female Leaders Speak out

To wrap up Women’s History Month, we wanted to reflect on the past, present, and future of gender equality. We spoke with several women who have achieved enormous success in the nonprofit, brand, and advocacy sectors to better understand how far we’ve come — and how far we still need to go — to increase female representation in leadership.

Creating a More Inclusive Blue State Digital

At BSD, we’re committed to progress for ourselves — for our organization, for our clients, and for the things we care about. To make that happen, we need people from all backgrounds putting themselves and their perspectives into the work. Michael Guzzetti of our HR Team writes about the thinking behind our recently launched Diversity & Inclusion page.

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