Diversity & Inclusion

Progress starts here, with us.

We’re in the business of building movements that challenge the status quo. To do it well, we need people from all backgrounds—especially underrepresented backgrounds—putting themselves and their points of view into the work.

This includes ethnic and gender diversity, but also diverse experiences like where we’re from, what we’ve done professionally, who we go home to, and so much more. At Blue State Digital, we’re consistently looking inward to see how we can do better. It’s a process that starts with holding ourselves to account. Here’s a look at who we are today, and what we’re doing to build an even more inclusive community grounded in mutual respect, compassion, and learning.

Representation among ethnicities

Diversity of backgrounds brings diversity of thought.

We’re helping groom the next generation of digital all-stars through programs like All Star Code and MAIP.

Gender breakdown

Change can’t happen if everyone doesn't have a seat at the table.

Women at BSD make slightly more (1%) than men, according to our last internal audit.

How we identify (LGBTQIA)

Love is love, and it's worth celebrating.

See how we partnered with Freedom to Marry to help achieve marriage equality for all.

Parents and families

The work we do at home is just as important as what we do in the office.

of our staff are parents
care for a family member at home
468 weeks
of parental leave taken by BSDers since 2015 (reminder: we’re a <200 employee company)

“Blue State gives employees the space to take care of the things that matter to us outside of work — whether that’s our own health or the well-being of our children, family, or pets. Not only did I need parental leave to recover and take care of my newborn, but I can also take myself to the doctor or be with family when it matters.”

Angie Chan

Creative Director

A Note from Our CEO: Why Our Awesome New Parental Leave Policy is Better than Yours

Where we were born

Our stories are shaped by where we come from.

Because our experiences are shaped by more than our birthplaces, we took a look at our families across generations:

So, how do we grow from here?

We have more work to do to become the most diverse company we’d like to be. That’s why we need you. Tell us what experience you’ll bring to the table: Apply for a job at Blue State Digital